Marketing Project Manager

Remote · Woodstock, New York, United States


Kris Carr’s team is looking for a full time Marketing Project Manager to oversee planning and implementation of online marketing campaigns that meet and exceed our goals.

Our ideal candidate will grow the company by creating comprehensive marketing campaigns and overseeing their execution. You initiate, plan, implement, direct, and coordinate marketing projects and initiatives that not only drive growth, but also provide the excellent customer experience that our brand is known for. Projects are often multiple (and concurrent), and you use data, customer information and other analytics to maximize results.

You use your extensive knowledge of online marketing and launches (including PLF-style launches & webinars), funnels, growing audiences and email lists, and selling digital products and memberships. This role works closely with the CEO and leadership team to identify and strategize new marketing efforts and to improve current marketing and sales approaches.

You skillfully manage complex deadline-driven projects with team members, contractors and consultants, creating timelines, facilitating cross-functional communication and collaboration, delegating tasks, empowering and inspiring team members, getting clear commitments, holding people accountable, and providing ongoing support and follow-up to achieve intended results.

You have knowledge about affiliate management, both inbound and out. You can identify and recruit quality affiliate partnerships, develop engaging marketing campaigns to support them, and nourish relationships to benefit all participants.

Your focus on KPIs means that you’re always looking for ways to optimize marketing strategies. You’re an analytical thinker who breaks down complex issues, and actively uses data to identify, evaluate and solve problems.

You know how to employ technology for target marketing, affiliate sales, emails, data tracking, and reporting. You have deep CRM experience including hands-on campaign building, and implement best practices.

Lastly, you’ve got a hungry, curious and nimble mind. You’re invested in expanding your horizon and ours.


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